24/02/2018 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Lauderdale House
Waterlow Park
Highgate Hill, Highgate, London N6 5HD
Lauderdale House
020 8348 8716
Highgate Heritage Weekend Free Children’s History Activities @ Lauderdale House | England | United Kingdom

To celebrate the Highgate Heritage Weekend we have a wide range of free history themed children’s activities including:

  • Dress up with your parents as one of the colourful characters in Lauderdale House’s history
  • Pretend to be royal – take a photo behind our cut out of King Charles II, Nell Gwynn and their baby
  • Explore our ‘artefacts’ box – a selection of curious household objects from the past. Guess what they are; what they were used for and how old they might be!
  • Go around the House with our family trail

We also have the Arts Award Discover Trail -Free but £6 if you wish to apply for a certificate (latest start 3.30pm).

If you’re arty, love Lauderdale House and aged 6 to 11 you could receive an Arts Award!

This is an opportunity to go around as a family with our Arts Award Trail looking at the House and gardens in a new light, drawing pictures and making observations.  It will take about an hour to complete.  Children can do it just for fun or if you’d like recognition of all your hard work you can hand it in with the £6 fee and we will send it off and Arts Award so the child receives a certificate to say s/he has completed the first stage in a series of awards recognising their interest in the arts.

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