The ABC of EVs – an evening talk on electric vehicles

15/11/2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Highgate Society
10a South Grove
London N6 6BS

Are you thinking of buying a new car?  Is now the time to think electric?

On 15thNovember the Highgate Society Sustainable Living Group will be hosting an informative evening on the subject of electric vehicles (EVs) Spaces are limited so please register on Event Brite here.

The UK government, in common with many other national governments has ruled that by 2040 there will be no more sales of new conventional petrol or diesel passenger vehicles.  All major car manufacturers now have electric models, and EV registrations have soared from 3,500 in 2013 to 166,000 by August 2018. A surge in the number of charging points has accompanied the rise in vehicles – by August 2018 there were over 17,000 of them.

But there are so many questions if you are considering purchasing an electric vehicle.  What are the ranges of the latest model – how many miles can you go on a full charge?  How do I get a home charger installed?  What if I don’t have off-street parking? And what about public charging – how long does it take to charge compared to filling up with petrol? Will an electric vehicle save money compared to a conventional car – what are the subsidies and incentives provided by national and local government and how does the cost of charging compare to the cost of petrol?  We’ll be aiming to provide some useful answers and good sources of further information at our event on 15thNovember.

Our early discussions on this topic within the Highgate Society, and with others concerned about our local community have raised some concerns about the widespread uptake of electric vehicles.  Will it lead to more people concreting over their front-gardens?  What are the parking space implications?  Are public charging points cluttering up our pavements? And how far do electric vehicles go in addressing concerns about air pollution, climate change and congestion?

James Lamond -of the EVExperience Centre will firstly tell you about the electric models on the market and about charging them

Siân Berry – Co-leader of the Green Party will talk about what the UK and London Governments are doing

Joe Baker – Low Carbon officer at Haringey Council will tell you about Haringey’s work to increase electric vehicle take up

There will be refreshments and a panel discussion of questions from the audience.

James Lamond will have his electric vehicle outside to show to people too.

The evening will be held at 10a South Grove from 7.00pm to 9.30pm and all are welcome.

Published by Cara Jenkinson

Lib Dem campaigner in Haringey, Fortismere governor and Chair of Muswell Hill Sustainability Group - tweets personal views only