Globally Wanted

04/03/2015 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Jacksons Lane
London N6 5AA
Jacksons Lane
020 8341 4421

Sex, love and violence in black, pink and turquoise.

A twisted, mystical tribe have gathered in a black fortress. As music, specially composed for the performance, takes over and the family reunion goes awry, the end result is shattered minds and damaged bodies. But who are these people? What do they need? It is universal. It is globally wanted.

The iron cube on the stage is a small mansion, a family home for the strange characters, and it fills with vulnerability and violence. Globally Wanted is a performance of absurd happenings told through circus, acrobatics, parkour, physical theatre and an ingenious design. It pulls the audience so deep into the performance that it is rarely experienced.

Finnish company, Company Uusi Maailma performs for the very first time in London with the UK premiere of Globally Wanted.

”Globally Wanted is a blackish burlesque belch straight at your face. – I have no idea what this could be compared to. Not to anything. Scary, and at the same time pleasurably filling the senses.”
Helsingin Sanomat, Finland’s leading newspaper

Globally Wanted shows at Jackson’s Lane has been carried out with the support of Finnish Circus Information Centre.