Annie Bromham – Colour of Life – exhibition of paintings

05/06/2015 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Highgate Gallery
11 South Grove
London N6 6BS
Rupert Craven
020 8340 3343

From the age of five, in her grandmother’s garden, Annie Bromham has loved Nature.  Excited by the blaze of colours in the beautiful flowers, she wanted them to belong to her.  At the same time Annie discovered she could draw and began to capture these flowers in art.  She learned how to discover and create new colours, and to this day colours still speak to her.

Annie finds colour everywhere: in the garden, the forest, on the high street, while the wonder of the rainbow fills her imagination with joy and pure delight.  When she paints or sculpts she uses her whole body, her mind and feelings – everything that she is, in order to “catch a glimpse of the emotion of a moment.”  (Willem de Kooning).

Highgate Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of Annie Bromham’s recent work, which honours the mystery of movement in Nature: “I watch Nature budding, day by day noting the growth, and feeling the stretching movement of the stems and petals as they grow towards the light”.

Nature does not stand still; it is always either becoming more, and flourishing; or else decreasing, and dying.  The whole of creation reproduces itself according to the seasons of the year.  No two flowers are identical; each is unique.  Everything is in a state of flux.

“Whenever I pick up my paint brush or chisel, I am filled with awe for the life already lived by the tree, or the canvas that will hold my colours as I create new life.”  Annie’s imaginative use of colour offers endless possibilities.  “It is only when I pick up my paint brush that I can honour that glimpse of mystery which is within me.  I want to hear, see and feel the life that is in me as I surrender to the creative moment.”  Each moment of seeing, listening, touching and tasting reveals the mystery of life.  With Henry Moore Annie also believes that “to be an artist is to believe in life.”

Open Tuesday-Friday 13:00-17:00; Saturday 11:00-16:00; Sunday 11:00-17:00.  Closed Monday.