What Happens in the Winter…

30/04/2013 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Jacksons Lane
269a Archway Road
N6 5AA
Jacksons Lane
020 8341 4421

Tue 30 Apr – Wed 1 May 8pm

“We meet our two heroines in the first days of autumn. Slowly the days are getting shorter, the sun is hanging lower in the sky, a chill is entering the air, and children are back at school, their shoes still yet unscuffed.”

Using the lives of circus artists as inspiration, Upswing asks what happens as you get older if your profession requires super human strength and skills? When ageing gradually takes away the tools of your trade? How does it affect your self-worth and your place in the world?

What Happens In The Winter… is an arresting mix of aerial, theatre and dance and treads a delicate path through the minds and bodies of two women who refuse to stop flying.

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