Waste Not Want Not: Information evening

13/11/2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Highgate Society
10A South Grove
N6 6BS

Waste Not Want Not

Our speakers will
address the ‘waste hierarchy’ – how we can reduce, reuse
and recycle more waste, and the meeting is open to all.
We’ll hear from Carina Millstone who is Executive
Director of Feedback, a charity that campaigns to
transform our food systems, cutting the impact on our
planet, particularly from waste. Leigh McAlea will
discuss the impact of fast fashion – she is Head of
Communications at TRAID, a charity which aims to
“stop clothes from being thrown away.” We’ll also find
out what councils can do to tackle plastic waste from Ian
Kershaw of Haringey Council.
Addressing waste disposal – at the end of the waste
hierarchy – will be Ursula Taylor, Head of Legal and
Governance at North London Waste Authority. Ursula
will discuss what happens to our waste – many of us will
have been horrified to see images of piles of British
‘recycling’ strewn across the shores of South East Asia.
Our speakers will address what we can do as individuals
to reduce waste and discuss the sorts of policies that we
should be demanding from local and national politicians.
Following the talks there will be a Q & A session.