Forage London: Wild food walk

28/04/2013 @ 9:00 am – 11:30 am
waterlow park
Highgate hill N6

This walk lasts about two and a half hours and involves picking and eating various bits and pieces as we go along with lots of different new foods and drinks to try (made from different wild foods I have previously picked, cooked, fermented, pickled etc), identifying plenty of edible plants and discussion touching on numerous topics including, nutrition, medicine, herbalism, botany, cookery, horticulture and history.

The aim of Forage London is to explore the plants that are all around us and show what can and can’t be picked (not to gather armfuls of plants ripped from our local parks).I hope to encourage everyone to get out of the city more often and to become more aware of the current and historical uses of the amazing plants and trees that share our capital.

Booking is via my website in advance only as there are very limited space on this and all of my other walks.Price £25.00 per person

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