Kirima Uganda Morning at St Michael’s

14/09/2019 @ 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
St Michael's Church Highgate
South Grove

9.30—12:30 Come along any time…
Meet Hamlet and Honest who are visiting us from Uganda
Artwork, by Ugandan children, crafts and coffee for sale
10:00 Chair of Trustees: Alan West
Bishop Hamlet Mbabazi + Honest Wilkins
Founder of the Kirima Primary School and Great Lakes High
School: 20 years of development in SW Uganda and future plans
10:35 Highgate School students
Feedback after Uganda after July 2019 visit to schools
11:00 John Rutherford
News from visit to Kirima & Nyakabungo Primary Schools, Great
Lakes High School. Strategy for the next 10 years.
11:30 Dr. Karen Sennett, Trustee and High School sponsor link
Financing the schools, how can you help?
11:45—12:30 Questions/discussion
Kirima UK Charity Supporting Schools in Uganda